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About us

ExtensionBG is a leader in the market with natural hair, it is importing all kinds of hair extensions, queues, bangs, eyelashes and all the supplies to them. As importers we can guarantee you high quality at good prices in a very wide range of colors and varieties. The company has an office in Burgas and makes deliveries all over the country for over 12 years.

Products we work with are quality guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Lengthening and thickening hair are procedures by incorporating the extra hair on the scalp, allowing fast and efficient to get a different and attractive look. Put your wig is easy, but it is not enough. The advantages of this procedure are that the hair on the scalp prosthesis is permanent and allows it to be operated as a living – can be solved, washed, dyed, dried and styled without problems.

There are several different ways of embedding hair. Which would you choose depends on what condition your hair, what you want to achieve and how long you want to enjoy their gains.

  1. Hair extension by sewing
  2. Hair extension by interlacing
  3. Hair extension with the hot glue gun
  4. Extension by sticking to the hair roots
  5. Hair extension with clips (clips)
  6. Hair extension through the capsule
  7. Hair extension by embedding additional locks